Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family Affairs

Got these pictures in my email this morning.
It's the picture of the maternity dresses I made for my SIL and herself in those dresses.
I send it to her from here and it took about 8 days to get to JB. Not bad at all.

Well...she likes it very much and I like when she likes!and..I love her too. :)

p/s: if you see a pregnant lady walking around JB in those, you'll know that - that is my SIL. ;p


Ayu said...

wahh..seronoknya.biasanya kalau ayu beli kt luar mesti singkat..:(

LynnAmalina said...

ayu, memang tu lah masalah utama kalau beli kat luar - senteng!lengan mesti 3/4 pulak tu.heee...

Anonymous said...

wahh wahhh glemernyer ai jadik model!!ekekek

kak lynn's SIL

asniza said...

huhuhu.... rerasa tau jek saper modelnya.... ;)

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