Friday, May 15, 2009

Almost There

I'm almost there ---- there where?
Almost at my giveaway. Woot...wooot!!
In my first entry, I wrote that maybe...just maybe I'll have my 'giveaway' thingie in my 10th or 15th entry. Currently, I have 11 entries in my Spinningspool-shoppe blog, so I'm guessing that it won't be long now for my giveaway. *wink* wink*

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yippie!Swarovski Crystal Brooch from Anjung Kraf.

Yes, it's that giveaway time and now by Anjung Kraf.
This beautiful Swarovski Crystal Brooch could be yours..(but I really wish it's mine..nyeh..nyeh..)

Ahh..just pretty isn't it?

Wedding Blues

I was getting all excited looking at paper crafts and other goodies in this little shop near my house when I suddenly realized that I could actually talk about this goodies in my other blog. *wink*
I'm getting some of the stuffs myself (for my BIL's wedding --- that is) and can't wait to "throw" the gifts away to the guests. yipppie!!

Especially this certain something........

....................and this...

Check out my other blog for details eh.

Lil' jeans

This corduroy fabric was on sale. Bought a yard of the fabric and made this lil' jeans for a friend's baby boy. I cut the snail from another fabric and add the poly-stuffing to it to make it fluffy.
Add a back and side pocket to this lil' jeans. I also add a show-off button and zipper flap on the front of this jeans.

The back and the front side of the lil' jeans - with one back and side pocket.

The Shoe Bags

.....requested by a friend. She gave me some plain cloth for it and I decided to add big ribbon on each bag.

The Verdict : She loves it and gave me MORE cloth for her shoe bags!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Who wants this cat? I'll ship him for free.....

.........hah!!just kidding.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Baju Kurung 2 Beradik

Made these small baju kurung for a dear friend's daughter - aged 4 and 7. 2 pink baju kurungs with a flower-power button. The fabric is 100% cotton and sooo...easy to handle. Since everyone else is having their "giveaway" moments, I think I might have mine in my 10th or 15th entry.
Who knows eh?

Numero Uno

The very first! Will upload pictures in a bit. check out my other blog as well : Spinning Spool Shope

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